Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My new life.. as Ms. O'Neill

As of August .. let's be real.. my world was rocked. I became a 4th grade teacher (technically intern but who's counting... I am working on my masters' degree right now in elementary ed). For someone who hates change, this has been a hard transition from the college lifestyle (a la waking up at a casual 9:45 each day and getting to wear nike shorts and a t-shirt to class) but I am loving it more and more each day. The kiddies are great and make me laugh everyday. I love their honesty and excitement. Here are a few highlights from today..

teacher: "Were you listening to me?"
student: "Weeellll..... not the whole time." At least they tell the truth! :)

and another...

teacher: "What's the difference between jobs now and jobs before technology?"
student: "People used to do manual labor but now all they do is sit at desks and talk about car insurance."

It has been an adjustment but I am so excited about what this year has in store! I have already started coming up with ideas for next year when I become Mrs. Clement :) Can you tell that I am excited about my new name? I have attached pictures of the Clement Cash that I have been making for next year.

Yay!! Hope you all have a wonderful week and GO VOLS!

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