Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You know you are growing up when....

You know you are growing up when... the thought of plate and bowls excites you. This past week... we registered for our china. Bowers could barely hold back his excitement... I wish you could hear my sarcasm. Our experience registering could be a reality tv show. I wish you all could have seen us in Pottery Barn a few weeks back. Hil..arious. Anyway, Bowers wanted the most manly china in the store...While we did not end up getting Bowers' plates... my sweet Mom started Bowers a collection for his birthday. We ended up getting the Juliska in brown, white, and blue and we (I :)) am really excited about mixing the colors. Calli was super sweet to help register.
I can already tell that my cooking is going to taste better off of these plates!! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday evening.

- Brittney S. Pears

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