Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to life.. Back to reality

Last Wednesday, I left for an amazing, much needed vaca with my Mom. I have never been to California before and I LOVED it. Highlights from the trip include: spending time with mom, walks, wine, seaside cycling class, a painting class, tour of Warner Brothers Studios (They were filming Hangover 2 while we were there!!), and walking around Rodeo Drive/ Beverly Hills. Here are some highlights:

Beautiful sunset the first night!

Central Perk on the Friends Set
 Beautiful Resort!
 Of course I had to find Frank Sinatra's hand prints!

Overall it was an amazing trip! After traveling all day Sunday.. it was very hard to get out of bed on Monday morning. The jet lag and torrential down pours did not make it any better. But this did...
They may not have spelled my name right... but it sure makes Monday mornings that much better when you get to work and see this. I am sad that I only have 2 more days with my second graders but excited to return to my fourth graders.

P.S. At the grocery store yesterday, I got really excited that food expiration dates were after my wedding date. But then I got to thinking that that could be kind of gross.. LOTS of preservatives since we still have 228 days!

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  1. My goodness I cannot WAIT to hear all about your trip!! Super jealous of the Central Perk set...kind of my dream to see that. Anyways, we must get together soon! So happy to hear you had fun!