Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The new addition to my class.....

Today my class had a new addition.......


YIKES!! So this morning.. my mentor left me alone with the students to get some things done in the office. I was going over morning work with my students and all of a sudden they yell RAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!! I HATE rodents and was completely freaked out but being the mature adult (yeah right) I had to stay calm. All i wanted to do was stand on the desk until I knew the rat was gone but the day had to go on.. we had important things to do. So I tried to distract the students and get them back on task. No use... all day long anytime we passed someone in the hall they had to tell them that there was a rat in the classroom. Luckily there is only one more day until fall break. Hopefully our little friend will not be sighted again in room 215. 

On another hilarious note, we all know how nostalgic vol fans are about the golden year of 1998. I was not a vol fan until I came to college so I still don't fully understand the magic that occurred that year. I overheard my 2nd graders talking on the playground. Here is how the convo went down...

Student 1: Did you know that one year the vols were champions?
Student 2: Really?
Student 1: They did not even lose a game. It was in 1998, a great year.

These kids were not even born until 2002 but they are still nostalgic about the great 1998 season.


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